Falcon Card Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay to replace my Falcon Card if it is lost or stolen?

If you think your Falcon Card is lost or it has been stolen you should immediately log into your Falcon Card Account and select “I Lost My Card” from the right hand menu. This temporarily deactivates your card and prevents loss of meal plan swipes, points, and/or Falcon Funds once reported. If you are certain your card is gone we can issue you a replacement card at a cost of $25. If you think you may be able to locate your card you can request a temporary card that is good for 3 business days at a cost of $5. If your lost card is found it can be reactivated as long as a replacement card has not been issued. To reactivate log into your Falcon Card Account and select “I Found My Card” from the right hand menu. You can also visit or contact University Services for help. (206-281-2693 or falconcards@spu.edu)

2. What information is stored on my card?

The only information stored on the chip of your Falcon Card is your name and SPU ID number. No other personal or financial information is stored on your card.

3. Can I wear a funny hat or pose with a friend for my Falcon Card photo?

No, the Falcon Card acts as your identification card and its photo must show a clear, full-faced, unobstructed frontal view of you. You should have a natural expression, with eyes open and looking directly ahead. Smiling is allowed! We take photos with the US Department of State Passport Standards in mind.

4. My card is damaged/broken/cracked/went through the washer/etc. What do I do?

Go to University Services with your damaged card and a replacement card will be issued at a cost of $25.

5. Do I get a new Falcon Card every year?

No. If well cared for, your Falcon Card will last you throughout your time at SPU. If your card is damaged, lost, or stolen, you will need to request a replacement card.

6. Can I get a new picture for my card?

We can reshoot your photo, but only as a part of the replacement card process which carries a $25 fee.

Your Falcon Card is for identification purposes. Do not in any way tamper with your card. Your name, I.D. number, and picture must be visible. If that information is not visible on your Falcon Card, it will not be accepted at campus locations.

7. What should I do if my building access stops working?

If your Falcon Card has been damaged, which can cause access problems, you should first come to University Services to get a replacement card (which carries a $25 fee). If your card is not damaged you will need to visit the Office of Safety and Security(OSS) to verify that your access permissions are correct and active. All access is administered through OSS.

8. Do I need to have my Falcon Card to use my meal plan in Gwinn?

Yes. You must have your Falcon Card for entrance with a meal plan into Gwinn Commons Dining Hall. You also need your Falcon Card for meal plan access at all other dining locations.

9. What do I do if I have legally changed my name?

Your first step is to contact the registrar and have your name updated in Banner. It takes 24 hours for Banner changes to take effect and for the change to be communicated to the Falcon Card system. After 24 hours have passed you may visit University Services to obtain a new Falcon Card at no charge.

10. I’m always forgetting my card; can I punch a hole in it so I can hang it from a lanyard or keychain?

No! Your card contains a proximity chip and wiring that coils throughout the card. Punching a hole in your card could render it useless and cost you $25 to replace. The bookstore carries a variety of card holders for sale and we would encourage you to use one of those instead.

11. I have a question not listed here, who can I email?